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As every traveler knows, the ultimate travel memories are of those things you experience in just the way the locals do. And there’s no more memorable experience than being mugged. Which is why we’ve formed the adventure travel company Mugged Like a Local. We take you into neighborhoods where few tourists go, and where just about every local has a story of being robbed by someone, even if only a family member. Our tour guides are seasoned professionals, most of them having  police records themselves, and all of them  expert on which alleys to wander down or deserted late-night bus stops to wait at  in order to insure a travel moment like no other.

The price of a Mugged Like a Local tour is reasonable, too, costing no more than whatever you have on you at the time.  But we know Mugged Like a Local is an experience not everyone may be ready for. So we are also offering our Mugged Like a Local coffee mugs from some of the world’s greatest cities for petty crime, not only against visitors, but locals as well.


We are just now going into production, so the mugs are not shipping quite yet. But you can help us determine how many thousand of each to order by letting us know in which city you’d like to be Mugged Like a Local. Responding to us now puts you under no obligation to buy, and the first ten people we hear from will get their mug free.

We are now planning our list of all-new trips for 2017,  so if there’s a city where you’d like to be Mugged Like a Local, let us know. If enough people agree with you we’ll put it on our calendar, and our mugs.

Don’t delay. Send an e-mail today to  And we’ll let you know when these quality travel keepsakes are officially available.

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  1. Funny that I haven’t seen you at the White House since I’m the Chief Lobbyist for the National YoYo-ers Foundation and hang in the coffee shop too.

    I would like to add St. Petersburg as a mug nominee. I would pay $1 for my mug. Times is hard. Times also is no longer the St. Petersburg Times; it is now the Tampa Bay Times. Pooh.

    1. Hey Pat, Sorry I missed you, but when I am at the White House I am usually in conference with the president. St. Petersburg is now on the list. Are you there, now or still out in Arizona? Bob

  2. Barcelona, due to the experience I had getting on the subway with a teen girls arm deep into my British Airways travel bag, and my arm crushed tight against it yelling NO! you don’t! She finally gave up and ran out the door, luckily before being bitten by my photo companion Ned The Bear who was inside the bagat the time!

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