A traveler in trouble? These language translations may help.


When you visit any foreign country, you benefit by knowing as much as possible of the language. You’ll gain a better understanding of the people, and you’ll feel more comfortable, except in those few situations, usually involving capture by armed insurgents, when you don’t really want to know what’s being said.

That’s why apps for language translations, such as Google Translator, have become so popular, making it possible to instantly communicate, in more than 50 languages, such key phrases as “Hello,” “Goodbye,” and “I agree with you entirely about the president of the United States.”

There are times, though, when your language translator will not be close at hand. In which case, among the messages you should have memorized are these:


Tyō ēka yāka chaina.

That is not a yak.


Ghurfat ‘abead min ‘iitlaq alnnar , min fadlik.

A room farther from the gunfire, please.


Ce fromage est en mouvement.

This cheese is moving.


Ya ne khochu , chtoby prodat’ svoi Bluejeans.

I do not wish to sell my blue jeans.


Huòbì gǎigé shì bùshì wǒ de zhǔyì.

Monetary reform wasn’t my idea.


Mōshiwakearimasenga, watashi wa kaisha no hiyō de, kokode wanaidesu.

Sorry, but I am not here at company expense.


Sillyehabnida,hajiman yeogiseo gajang gakkaun nagjin daepiso neun?

Excuse me, but where is the nearest fallout shelter?


Seatbelt ieu teu napel nanaon.

This seatbelt isn’t attached to anything.


Main jimmedaar nahin thaharaaya ja sakata hai ke lie ek aur jeevan mein jo kuchh hua.

I can’t be held responsible for what happened in a former life.


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